A wide selection of bedding plants, woody ornamentals, annuals and perennials.

Redland Farms is a wholesale ornamental plant nursery located in the agricultural community known as the Redlands in South Florida. We have been serving the Southeastern United States for over 21 years, having been incorporated in 1998.

We cater to independent garden centers, landscapers, and developers; and pride ourselves on outstanding customer service.


Ruellia Brittoniana

Also known as Mexican Petunia this perennial will add a beautiful pop of color, height and will attract butterflies. Grown in full sun, Ruellia can be put in partial shade.



Crotons are perfect for adding accent colors and a tropical feel in your home, landscape or any garden. When put indoors just make sure the area is well lit, and water when needed.

Blue Daze

Evolvulus Glomeratus

This adorable shrub blooms best in full sun, all year round. Producing the most gorgeous blue flower. If you want to spruce up its look put Blue Daze in a hanging basket.


Sanchezia Nobilis

The variegated foliage on this shrub will make any scenery stand out. Thriving in full to partial sun, Sanchezia will be a hit. Don’t forget,  lots of water when temperatures rise.


Clerodendrum Thomsoniae

This vine will shine with its lovely dual colors. Full sun to partial shade, & proper watering everyday & this bleeding heart trellis will thrive.


Ocimum Basilicum

One of the many herbs we offer is Basil, with its rich flavor and fragrance; you can’t go wrong. Low maintenance too, just plenty of sun and water when soil feels dry.

Grab some of these beautiful plants today! We have plenty to go around.

6″ Lantana: Gold

6″ Firecracker

6″ Cuphea: Allyson

6″ Waffle: Dragons Breath

6″ Waffle: Red Flame

10″ Duranta: Gold

Basil Spicy Globe 4.33"
Marigold 4.33"
Rosemary 4.33"
Mint Mojito 4.33"
Lantana: White 6"
Gailardia: Arizona Sun 6" (Blanket Flower)
Lantana: Lavender 6"
Begonia Red/Red 4.33"
Clerodendrum Bleeding Heart White/Red Trellis
Crape Myrtle White